Elevator Modernization | St Louis Series Cab Package

St Louis Series Elevator Interior | Elevator Modernization Overview

Our St Louis Series elevator modernization package can be configured in either a 10 or 14 panel design and features back-lit or edge-lit glass panels. Complementary metal accents can be designed with brass, bronze or stainless steel in a range of finishes from bead-blasted to mirror-polished.

St Louis Series | Features

  • Standard elevator interior package includes wall panels, trim/reveals & base
  • Lightweight construction for this package is available – reduces weight by up to 20%
  • Suitable for new cab interiors and elevator modernization projects
  • Installation typically takes less than one day
  • Fire rated construction
  • ASME A17.1 code compliant
  • Ceilings & Handrails are optional
  • Lighting option include led and halogen down lights & led perimeter lighting